9 Reasons To Avoid Unlimited Web Hosting

First, a quick history lesson

Web hosts limited monthly bandwidth and disk space in the late 90’s. During this period, web hosting was in its initial stages of being developed. Later, more hosts entered the web hosting market. However, only the hosts that offered more bandwidth and space stood out in this market. Most of these hosts offered unlimited accounts to their customers. Nevertheless, these unlimited accounts did not last long since their actual limits were a bit low. This was attributed to the slow progress of technology at that time.

Following this, hosts began to increase their limits since most customers did not embrace the idea of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. In fact, most of these customers considered this idea as a deceptive marketing scheme. As a result, hosts tried to overdo one another by offering higher limits. As time unfolded, the size of disk dramatically increased. For instance, Megabytes became Gigabytes that later became Terabytes. Later, Terabytes became Petabytes. Following this, hosts found it had to offer or use these limits.

1. The term unlimited hard drive does not exist

This is because the size of a hard drive can be physically limited. Therefore, at present unlimited hard drive does not exist. However, you may do an in-depth research and create this type of disk in the future. Limited hard drives allow you to serve, upload, or store limited data. You may have a SAN (Storage Area Network) where you may keep adding as many drives as you wish. However, this does not change the fact that unlimited hard drive does not exist, in the present century.
It is hard to determine or understand what the actual limits are Hosts that claim to be unlimited have limits in place. You may not be able to recognize these limits since they are either vaguely defined in their Terms of Service (TOS) or shrouded in secrecy in an often manner. If your site is shut off, cancelled, broken, or throttled, then you should recognize that your host has limits in place. You can never be the next Facebook in your 400 rupees per month unlimited hosting account!

2. Severe restriction of the number of files that you can store or inode limit

Most hosts that claim to offer unlimited services will allow you to store a maximum of 25,000 files in your account. Most people do not recognize such limit until they exceed it. You can no longer upload new files when you exceed the inode limit. You can easily exceed the inode limit; especially if you are working on an ecommerce site that has lots images. Other sites that easily exhaust the inode limit include sites that have many images per image for resized pictures.

3. Poor, rare or total failure to do backups

Large consumption of disk space occurs when a host offers you unlimited space for a low price. As a result, the host finds it exceedingly hard and expensive to create and carry out reliable and regular backups for your huge amounts of data. Lack of proper maintenance of backups by your host may make you lose your database, even if you have backups for your files.

4. Long restoration period

Researches show that most restore or backup applications restore data at the rate of 50 GB for every one hour. This rate is a bit slow especially if you need to restore a large volume of data. For instance, you may take 2 to 4 days to fully restore data if your host has a server with 4,000 GB of data that need to be restored.

5. Large storage requirements make hardware to be less reliable

You should be careful with hosts that claim to offer unlimited space at low price. This is because the hardware that supports their unlimited space is often of lower quality than high end drives that support Terabytes of space. Less reliable systems are often caused by lower quality hardware. You can solve this problem by embracing the use of RAID setups with multiple drives; however, this increases the chances of losing your data and down time.

6. High restriction on the type of your content by TOS

Hosts that claim to offer unlimited space have hidden tricks to limit you on the amount of content that you can store in your account. Such tricks may be in form of restrictions that are worded in a careful manner. These restrictions are often in terms of service agreements that you agree to when signing up. One of such restrictions may require you to agree to the fact that all video or audio must be created by the site owner.

7. You may be exposed to black lists since most unlimited accounts attract unsavory characters

Most unlimited hosts attract all sorts of people including individuals that host illegal videos, music, or software, and webmasters. Therefore, you stand a risk of being at close vicinity with these kinds of people if you use these unlimited accounts. This may land or expose you to instability and downtime since some of these hosts have a high likelihood of being blocked.

8. You may be attracted to false advertisement

Most hosts that claim to offer unlimited space do not often deliver what they advertise. Most notably, these hosts offer more restrictions than hosts with reasonable limits do. False advertisements cause huge amounts of harm to the hosting industry. This is because many customers get confused since they do not know what to do or not do with their sites. This is disgusting since if you want to have a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with your customers, then you ought to be honest with them.

9. Most unlimited web hosts focus on specs and not service and support

The quality of services and supports, rather than the amount of space, which a host offers to its customers is what matter most. However, most unlimited web hosts do not focus on the quality of service and support they offer to their customers and consumers. In fact, the chief goal of these hosts is to fish out some money from your pockets and make profits!

Our advise: Go for web hosting companies in India that clearly define whats included with a hosting plan. Web Hosting India has companies that are honest and upfront with their resources in their hosting plan.

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