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Managed Indian Cloud Servers

Cores Ram Storage Transfer Pricing
1 Core 6GB 45 GB Unmetered
Rs. 1950 monthly
Linux OS
4 Cores 10GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 2900 monthly
6 Cores 15GB 150 GB Unmetered
Rs. 3900 monthly
9 Cores 30GB 300 GB Unmetered
Rs. 7900 monthly
12 Cores 40GB 400 GB Unmetered
Rs. 9900 monthly
20 Cores 60GB 600 GB Unmetered
Rs. 18900 monthly
27 Cores 90GB 900 GB Unmetered
Rs. 27900 monthly
36 Cores 120GB 1200 GB Unmetered
Rs. 34900 monthly
1 Core 8GB 125 GB Unmetered
Rs. 3500 monthly
2 Cores 15GB 230 GB Unmetered
Rs. 5900 monthly
4 Cores 30GB 500 GB Unmetered
Rs. 11900 monthly
6 Cores 60GB 900 GB Unmetered
Rs. 19900 monthly
6 Cores 30GB 450 GB Unmetered
Rs. 20900 monthly
12 Cores 62GB 900 GB Unmetered
Rs. 39000 monthly

Managed USA Cloud Servers

Cores Ram Storage Transfer Pricing
One 3GB 30 GB Unmetered
Rs. 1900 monthly
Two 6GB 60 GB Unmetered
Rs. 3300 monthly
Three 8GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 4600 monthly
Four 12GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 5500 monthly
Six 16GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 7900 monthly
Eight 24GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 9900 monthly
Twelve 40GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 12900 monthly
Twenty Four 48GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 20000 monthly
Upgrades: every additional 100GB SSD storage is Rs. 1100/month extra.

Managed UK Cloud Servers

Cores Ram Storage Transfer Pricing
2 Cores 2GB 50 GB Unmetered
Rs. 1900 monthly
4 Cores 4GB 100 GB Unmetered
Rs. 3300 monthly
8 Cores 8GB 200 GB Unmetered
Rs. 5900 monthly
12 Cores 12GB 300 GB Unmetered
Rs. 7900 monthly
16 Cores 32 GB 400 GB Unmetered
Rs. 15900 monthly
20 Cores 64GB 500 GB Unmetered
Rs. 28000 monthly
2 Cores 4GB 250 GB Unmetered
Rs. 3500 monthly
4 Cores 8GB 500 GB Unmetered
Rs. 5900 monthly
6 Cores 12GB 750 GB Unmetered
Rs. 8500 monthly
8 Cores 16GB 1000 GB Unmetered
Rs. 10900 monthly
10 Cores 20 GB 1250 GB Unmetered
Rs. 12900 monthly

- Every linux cloud server comes with Centos-Webpanel and windows cloud server with SolidCP - its free and a full featured control panel
- cPanel/WHM OR Plesk is Rs. 1,000/month extra
- GST 18% extra

We also deploy and fully manage Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud instances.
For a custom quote please contact us here
Our SSD hard drives!

With YRHost's SSD hard drives, you can expect much faster disk I/O performance as compared to a traditional storage medium (e.g. SATA).
If your site is read/write heavy (lots of dynamic content or databases), our SSD cloud servers will dramatically improve your site's performance, resulting in a much-improved user experience..

  • Standard Features
  • Configurations
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  • Reboot-free Account UpgradesCPU and RAM can be upgraded on the fly, without rebooting your cloud server. YR Host's cloud servers thrive on on-demand scalability!
  • First-class HardwareThe OnApp application powers our cloud and provides a comprehensive list of features High Availability, Auto-Scaling, Load Balancing are just some of its features. Our SANs are clustered into an Active/Passive configuration. This ensures no slowdowns in event of failover. Our SANs use SSD drives for read cache to provide excellent performance.
  • off-site Backups YRHost will provide you with on-demand backups as well as scheduled weekly/daily backup options. Feel free to duplicate, clone, or roll back your servers as needed - you can even save your server images locally.
  • Remote Reboot and ConsoleWith YRHosting console access via your web browser, you are in complete control, and can even perform remote reboots without waiting for a support ticket to be answered!
  • Automatic Failover & high availabilityOnApp constantly monitors the status of servers in the cloud, and features an extremely valuable automatic failover process if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Failover is initiated in 15 seconds if OnApp receives no response from a hypervisor, and the virtual machines it hosts are automatically migrated to a more suitable hypervisor in the cloud.
  • FirewallsYour cloud is protected via Juniper Enterprise Class network firewall with DOS mitigation features. There's no need to invest in costly dedicated firewall hardware when you're a YRHost customer.

on Demand, Instant Setup: get your cloud server ready in 5 minutes.

Our cloud environment enable you to deploy cloud resources from pre-made templates, we have dozens of them listed below - pick your choice and you are ready-to-go in minutes. No technical assistance or administrator is needed!

Templates with a Control Panel

The following templates come equipped with popular control panels. Licensing fees may apply to certain templates.


CloudLinux or CentOS
(all versions)


Windows 20012 R2 (all versions)

Virtualmin / Webmin

CentOS (all versions)

Supported Template Library:

CentOS logo


  • CentOS 7.x x64 cPanel
  • CentOS 7.x x64 LAMP
  • CentOS 7.x x64 Minimal
CloudLinux logo


  • CloudLinux Server 7.x x64 cPanel*
  • CloudLinux Server 7.x x64 LAMP*
  • CloudLinux Server 6.x x64 cPanel*
  • CloudLinux Server 6.x x64 LAMP*
Debian Linux logo


  • Debian 6.0 x64
  • Debian 7.0 LAMP x64
  • Debian 7.0 x64
Fedora logo


  • Fedora 24 x64
  • Fedora 25 x64
  • Fedora 26 x64
FreeBSD logo


  • FreeBSD 11.x x64 Minimal
  • FreeBSD 10.x x64 Minimal
Gentoo logo


  • Gentoo 14.1 LAMP x64
  • Gentoo 14.1_2.6.34 LAMP x64
OpenSUSE logo


  • openSUSE 15.x x64
Ubuntu Linux logo


  • Ubuntu 16.x x64
  • Ubuntu 17.x x64
Windows logo


  • Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition x64*
* Indicates configurations that require the purchase of a separate license.
Cloud Linux OS - Rs. 700/month
cPanel/WHM Control Panel - Rs. 1,000/month
cPanel/WHM Control panel with Softaculous - Rs. 1,200/month

See how we stack up against the competition

Here's how YRHost Cloud compares to some of our competitors. Any and all other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. All prices, plans and options listed are what has been publicly disclosed by the relevant companies as of June 2013

YRHost Rackspace Amazon EC2 Liquid Web
Total Price per month $55 $87.60 $90.00 $100
SSD Cloud
CPU 2 2 1 not specified
RAM 2 2 1.7 2
Storage 50 SSD 80 HDD 150 HDD 50 HDD
Bandwidth 2000 Extra cost: $0.12/GB/mo 5000 1500
Dedicated IP 2 1 1 1
Fully Managed
not specified
Control Panel
not specified not specified
Live Chat Support
Phone Support

Cloud Hosting in India with YRHost

Virtualization has never been easier with YRHost’s OnApp cloud-hosting offering - Quick, real-time scalability of processing power, memory, storage and bandwidth. Application instances can be scaled up or down rapidly, mid-service, and without downtime. Businesses can significantly reduce their on-premise IT infrastructure expenditure by opting for our cloud hosting India services. Movement from a CapEx to OpEx model on IT infrastructure results in significant cost savings as well as flexibility in appropriating hardware and bandwidth capacity according to actual requirements, instead of guesswork and estimates.

OnApp is an on-demand cloud hosting India solution, on a secure platform, at affordable prices, operating on a pay-per-use model that is ideal for customers to scale their infrastructure as per their business requirements. Customers can choose from Linux or Windows based operating systems.

In addition to Mumbai, our cloud offering spans additional data centers both in and outside India, giving you the advantages of a global cloud network.