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cPanel, DirectAdmin or SolidCP(windows) control panel, take your pick.



per year

The ideal plan with classic cPanel control panel

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10 GB SSD storage

Unmetered bandwidth

1 main hosted domain and 2 add-on

cPanel Control Panel

360 degrees complete server security from malware and spam



per year

The best value for multi-user hosting.

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10 GB SSD storage

Unmetered bandwidth

1 main hosted domain and 2 add-on

DirectAdmin or SolidCP Control Panel

360 degrees complete server security from malware and spam

- every additional five (5) cPanel account license under same account is Rs.1200/year extra with additional 5GB SSD storage and WHM reseller access

- every additional five (5) DirectAdmin or SolidCP account license under same account is Rs.700/year extra with additional 5GB SSD storage and reseller access


24/7 Technical Support

When it comes to support, unwavering dedication to customer service what really matters to us is that we remain in constant contact with our clients.

Problems are inevitable regardless of the host, but how that host responds is key. This is where our devotion to quality truly shows; when an issue occurs we don't simply respond with an "it's fixed" e-mail. We let you know what went wrong and what we've done to resolve it, as well as what we plan to do in order to ensure the issue does not re-occur.

User Interface

YRHost brings you the best possible web hosting India experience with our dynamic network and exclusive features. Our control panel, cPanel and WebsitePanel supports 23 languages and 14 different themes.

Our in-house anti-spam/anti-virus product ensures that your inbox has zero spam emails. Behold the magic of YRHost Hosting!

Scalable and Flexible

If you need to increase your disk space or even add a new server or resource, YRHost puts the power of scalability in your hands. Increase or decrease your server's capacity or resources as needed in minutes. Provisioning a new web front end is now as easy as copy and paste!

One of the greenest options

YRHost's energy-efficient datacenter makes sure we have the minimum carbon footprint for our web hosting services, resulting in an environmentally friendly hosting environment.

Standard Features

No Hidden Limitations

Unlike other web hosting companies, we don't offer artificial limits and we do not provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. Those promises are just sales gimmicks. We believe in offering honest service and we believe in giving our customers the best value for their rupee!

Industry Leading Control Panel

YRHost gives all hosting accounts access to the leading control panel software. With cPanel and MSPControl (WHM for resellers), control of your entire site is at your fingertips, saving you time, effort and money! Using the Softaculous script installer, you can quick and easily add features such as blogs, CMS and news scripts.

Automatic Free Backups

Automated weekly backups (performed every Wednesday) ensure that your data is safe with us and that data can be retrieved anytime, a valuable ally to have at one's disposal when disaster strikes.

Automatic Script Installation

Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer. With 303 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes, and more features added often, it helps speed site development time, helps make a professional looking site in a fraction of the time it would take without it, and it is customized with hundreds of downloadable extensions and add-ons. Especially valuable these days, Softaculous can deploy blogs and eCommerce websites in seconds.

Full featured Email Services

Unlimited email accounts are available with your YRHost hosting account. You can send and receive via your favorite email program. Webmail is also provided, which gives you access to your email from just about anywhere. Mailing lists and email forwarders are also standard with every account, allowing you to better manage and filter your email.

The Technical Part

    • Intel Xeon Dual Hex Core processors with 128GB of RAM. 2 x 300GB hard drives in Raid 1 for OS and MySQL, 4x4TB hard drives in raid 10 for user data.
    • Weekly backups
    • Cloud Linux operating system with CageFS for enhanced security and performance
    • 99.9995% uptime guarantee
    • Password protected directories
    • Hotlink and leech protection
    • PHP, Perl, Python scripts support along with MySQL 8 database access for linux hosting
    • ASP, asp.NET (all versions) support along with MS SQL 2019 database access for windows hosting
    • eCommerce pre-installed (SSL certificate available)
    • Softaculous script auto-installer
    • FTP Access
    • phpMyAdmin to manage databases
    • Cron jobs for scheduled tasks
    • Customizable error pages
    • POP3, IMAP, and web-based email access
    • Email spam and virus filtering
    • Mailing lists
    • Email forwarding, auto-responders, filters, and aliasing
    Web Statistics
    • Browser-based file manager
    • AWStats site statistics

Web Hosting in India with YRHost

Choosing a web host has never been easy, here are few of the reasons why you should go for YRHost over other web hosting India companies :

100% owned infrastructure in Mumbai India, UK, Europe and USA - we are not resellers!
True local support with in-house experts that can resolve any of your technical issues without any delay or escalation.
No unlimited hosting as they look very attractive however they are not real and here is our blog post explaning the same.
No matter what kind of website you own, your performance on the Internet will always depend heavily on the quality of web hosting you choose. YRHost has always been regarded as a premium web hosting India company; on the basis of the great features, pricing and support that we provide to our customers. For years, we at YRHost have been offering best-in-class web hosting services in India, and have slowly built a reputation as one of the best in the business. We have a web hosting India solution for every need. Our infrastructure, technology and workforce guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

YRHost takes pride in offering comprehensive and market leading web hosting services. We like to cover all bases when providing a service, and our web hosting plans are a reflection of that. Quality is our forte, and our services have been used with great success by a number of clients in different business verticals.

  1. Flexible Plans and payment Options
  2. The amazing array of bespoke web hosting plans make it easy for you to choose the one which is just right for your business. Our plans cover different price points and contain more features at those price points than most of our competitors. Therefore, you get more than your money’s worth, at the same time taking advantage of our advanced support back-end and 24-hour assistance service. Also, it is easy to upgrade and change plans, which keeps your web presence scalable and open for further growth and development. Our plans are extremely competitive against companies offering web hosting Mumbai and India.

  3. Enterprise Technology
  4. Our web hosting servers are built with foolproof branded dell and supermicro hardware which guarantees a rock solid base for your website with virtually no downtime. Problems and glitches are isolated and rectified instantly by our skilled in-house team. We provide both Linux and Windows Server platform based hosting, and include support for most popular development languages, frameworks and database platforms. We also provide detailed technical help to our customers to make their web hosting experience more seamless and problem-free.

  5. Convenience and Ease of Use
  6. YRHost provides you with convenient solutions for most activities related to the purchase and use of our web hosting India service. We offer multiple payment options like net banking, credit card, debit card and offline payment options like cheques with easy checkout, and simple renewal procedures, which means client do not have to worry and keep track of service expiry dates. We offer one-click installations of various blogging, e-commerce and CMS platforms such as Joomla, Droopal, Magento and Wordpress as part of our hosting plans to make life easy for customers.

Need help? Email us at help@yrhost.com