YRHost Solutions (P) Limited

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About Us

YRHost is a leading web hosting provider in Mumbai India offering first class support and uptime. Our packages are available for personal, small business and corporate clientele who need quality, prompt assistance.

YRHost Network currently hosts over ten thousand websites for our clients and serve an average of 100+ million visitors per month & have clients in more than 45 countries worldwide. We're headquartered in India, Mumbai however our unsurpassed 24/7 support allows us to serve an extremely diverse clientbase from around the world.

Our motto is "Communication is Everything" and we truly mean it.

Our Team

YRHost was originally developed to offer one single yet simple thing: Quality web hosting. We want all of our clients to be thoroughly satisfied with the solutions that we provide and every bit of effort is expended to ensure just that.

Our team is comprised of a number of amazing individuals with many years of experience in the web hosting, security and IT industry.

Handpicked & selected with the highest quality support in mind, you'll be taken care of by the best.We promise that your questions and concerns will be promptly, thoroughly and happily taken care of.


When it comes to support, we're proactive, not reactive. Rather than 'reacting' to problems when they occur, we prepare for them, meanwhile ensuring minimal amounts of downtime or inconvenience during emergencies. We actively monitor and test our servers frequently to ensure they're in flawless working order.

When it comes to support, what really matters is keeping in constant contact with our clients. Problems are inevitable: This is where our quality really shows; When an issue occurs we don't simply respond with a "it's fixed" e-mail. We let you know what went wrong and what we've done to resolve it, as well as what we've prepared in order to ensure it does not re-occur.

We'll be here for you.

Need help? Email us at help@yrhost.com