Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Fully managed, enterprise class servers-Full control over powerful hardware, get a high performance single tenant Bare Metal server.

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(Limited period offer for USA servers - 1 month free on 11 months pre-payment)

Standard Features

Full Management included

Unlike those other guys, YRHost doesn't just turn over a server to you and walk away, only returning to collect the bill each month. At YRHost, we proudly offer managed services on our entire product line of Linux and Windows dedicated servers. We don't define plans for support, nor do we try to upsell you. Unlimited hours of technical support are included for free. Please see below for detailed info on our support services.

Free Softwares and Services
  • Enterprise Backup: Every server includes disk-based data protection and disaster recovery. It is quick and seamless, so you are always protected and it is free with every server.
  • 1Gbps port: We don't charge extra for port upgrades. 1Gbps port is included with all our servers!
  • SLAs: 15-minute reboot response, two-hour hardware replacement and 99.995% network uptime gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Administrative Consultancy: Unlike other companies, we do not charge for management services. Unlimited hours of managment service are provided for all our servers.
Network and Hardware Uptime

Every YRHost managed dedicated server comes with hardware and network SLA - Two (2) hours hardware replacement SLA and 99.995% network uptime SLA.

Software Management

OS, control panel, database server, web server and all pre-installed software and are reguararly updated. Security patches are installed within 6 hours of its release-all this at a zero cost to you!

  • Initial Server Setup (with no setup fees)
  • Initial Security Audit and Server Hardening
  • Software Firewall Installation
  • 24/7 Technician Availability
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring with Proactive Response
  • cPanel and WebsitePanel Control Panel Software
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Full System Optimization
  • Software and Systems Updates
  • DOS Attack Mitigation
Proactive Monitoring

We are in business to provide the highest level of uptime possible for our valued customers. At YRHost, we take downtime very seriously. In an event there is downtime for any of our monitored services, we start troubleshooting immediately and ensure sure the affected service is back up. Every server is monitored via PING at five-minute intervals. During your intial server setup, you will have the option of having a one-on-one consultation with our administrator as to which services need to be monitored.

Addon Pricing

Here's a simple listing of available extras you can add on to any server during sign-up:

  • Operating System:
    - AlmaLinux/CentOS - 64 bit - Free
    - Other linux flavours - Available on request
    - Windows 2019 and 2022 Standard Edition - 64 bit - Rs. 2,000/month for USA servers and Rs. 4,500/month for Europe servers
  • Control Panel (for linux servers):
    - open source control panel - Free
    - cPanel/WHM 100 domains : Rs. 3,500/month
    - DirectAdmin unlimited domains - Rs. 2,500/month
  • Control Panel (for windows servers):
    - SolidCP control panel with MS SQL 2019 express and Autosync managed daily Backup: FREE
    - Other licenses like mailenable/smartermail are available on request.
  • Hardware Upgrades:
    - Upgrade to higher RAM : Contact us
    - Upgrade to larger NVMe Solid State Disks : Contact us
    - Add Dedicated Firewall (Juniper) : Contact us

Full Management Included

Managed hosting is an expanded dedicated hosting service in which the web host manages servers for their clients. Managed hosting is ideal for companies that don't have an internal IT staff, or that want to free up their IT staff to focus on other tasks. Many companies are skeptical about turning the management and hosting of their servers over to a web hosting provider, but those who utilize managed hosting services are finding that IT outsourcing can save time and money while letting them focus on core business initiatives.

YRHost offers managed services on our entire product line of Linux and Windows servers. It is important to stress the fact that we offer managed servers. Many companies offer servers but fail to notify the client of the unmanaged server they will be buying. At YRHost, we believe in supporting and assisting our customers, which is why we offer fully-managed servers.

Monthly service checks to ensure server is running the latest versions of the following:
  • Apache / IIS
  • MySQL / MS SQL/li>
  • PostgreSQL
  • cPanel/WebsitePanel (if applicable)
  • PHP
Monthly service checks to ensure server is running the latest versions of the following:
  • Apache / IIS
  • MySQL / MS SQL/li>
  • PostgreSQL
  • Disk Space Usage
  • Load Average
  • Email Service Availability
  • Memory Usage
  • Mail Queue State
  • Process Count
  • cPanel/WebsitePanel (if applicable)
  • SSH access
Monthly checks of 3rd party software updates (you provide the software list)
Monthly checks of custom scripts or services as defined by you.

Quick response to alerts for the above services is included!

Businesses and web applications today demand speed, processing power and bandwidth, and those who want total control of their server environments need dedicated hosting servers which allow them to leverage the power of an entire server, as opposed to partial allocation on a shared server. For such customers, YRHost offers premium quality dedicated servers in India that provide complete control over server administration.

With our cPanel, WebsitePanel and Plesk enabled managed dedicated servers you can harness every bit of server resource and use it exclusively for your own purposes. Our in-house team constantly monitors and troubleshoots our dedicated servers to bring you hosting services with practically no downtime.

Our Services At YRHost, we take pride in the quality of servicing excellence that we give to our customers. We use the branded dell and supermicro hardware and technologies to power our dedicated servers and our different plans give customers complete flexibility to choose according to their specific requirements and budgets. We have a wide range of different levels of dedicated servers, right from desktop PC configurations to powerful multi-core, multi-processor setups to choose from. With our Linux and Windows dedicated servers, you can truly increase the potential of your web applications and websites and get rid of all headaches regarding speed and performance. Here are a few features of our dedicated servers hosting service.

Power and Performance - Since server resources are not shared with anyone, the entire processing power and bandwidth allocation of the server is available for you to take advantage of, according to your specific needs. We perform periodic checks on both server hardware and the operating system. Web applications run at optimum levels always, and even heavy, intensive and resource-hungry apps run blazingly fast on our dedicated servers.

Total Control - You have total control over your server environment, which you can manage, monitor and modify remotely through our remotely accessible control panel, which provides all relevant information and statistics and enables you to control every aspect of your dedicated server environment. You can also make root/administrator level changes to the server back-end and perform modifications to framework settings from any location. Our support team is engaged 24 hours to provide comprehensive technical support and guidance

Hassle-free Operation - With YRHost, you are guaranteed hassle-free use of our dedicated server service. Our world-class support team is committed to root out any issues and maintain uptime. Also, we provide unlimited bandwidth plans for our dedicated servers in Mumbai and India, which means clients do not have to worry about usage metering, speed or bandwidth caps at any point of time.Overall, YRHost provides market-leading dedicated servers in India, which make it very convenient to host web applications, websites and mission critical web services.

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